BEI Kimco Motor Earns High Marks in Extreme Validation Testing

Sensata Technologies announces availability of validation test results for its enhanced BEI Kimco Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor DII15-60-201A in a completed Validation Test Report. As substantiated by the testing, the motor can operate reliably under the extreme harsh conditions of oil and gas exploration applications.

The extensive environmental test protocol for the enhanced BEI Kimco model DII15-60-201A High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) BLDC motor was conducted and certified by two independent Environmental Test Labs, Precision Hermetic Technologies for temperature and pressure testing, and Intertek for shock/vibration testing. These lab tests validated the thermal, pressure, vibration/shock load ratings of the motor throughout its operational life.

The Test Report describes test procedures, test data for each test sequence, certifications achieved, and documents the type of test equipment used throughout the process. The testing validates that the DII15-60-201A canoperate reliably under continuous duty in temperatures up to 205 ºC, atmospheric pressures of up to 30,000 psi and shocks/vibrational loads approaching 1000g's/25g's respectively. The 1.5" diameter DII15-60-201A HPHT BLDC motor provides the ideal solution for harsh down-hole applications such as mud pulser valves, caliper deployment and sensor positioning. The robust design also makes it suitable for other severe enviromental applications.

The DII15-60-201A incorporates a proprietary integral Hall commutation circuit, and structural enhancements coupled with advanced magnets to support high operating efficiencies and durability. Other variations include custom gearbox interfaces and alternate winding options.

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