Beddit Releases World's First Truly Smart Sleep Monitoring System

HELSINKI -- Global consumer sleep technology leader, Beddit Ltd. brings feng shui to the bedroom with upgraded versions of their sleep monitor and mobile app, Beddit Smart and Beddit 2.0, whose release signifies the first truly ambient sleep monitoring experience.

Come again? Ambient?

That's right. Utilizing the latest Bluetooth Smart technology, Beddit Smart introduces the first version of it's unique Smart-measuring functionality: measure sleep automatically with no interaction required at all. This makes collecting long-term sleep data a whole lot easier which is the most important factor for understanding your sleep.

"While Beddit Smart provides important hardware upgrades for faster pairing and draining less battery from your mobile device, the most important new feature is the Smart-measuring. We've gotten feedback that users want to monitor their sleep in the long-term but simply forget to turn on the measuring on a nightly basis. Well, that problem has been now solved and people can truly focus on sleeping better." said Beddit CEO, Lasse Leppakorpi.

The Beddit Smart sensor is installed right under the top bedsheet and the new-and-improved Beddit 2.0 mobile application will do the rest. A connection between the mobile app and sensor will be initiated whenever an iOS-device is placed in Bluetooth range and the sensor detects there's someone sleeping on it. Users don't need to manually trigger a sleep monitoring session but those who still prefer the old battle-proven way may still opt into the manual triggering.

What's more, Beddit's already-leading edge sleep data will be even more expanded and improved. The Beddit 2.0 application update provides a thorough visual renovation along with new features such as:

•Short-term sleep history - helps you keep track of your sleep rhythm and trends
•Sleep remarks - how does your nightly data compare to your averages?
•Sleep efficiency - are you actually sleeping when in bed?

Both Beddit Smart and the Beddit 2.0 app update are due for release Tuesday 26th May 2015. More features like expanded sleep history will be available in the following app update.

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