Beam Lead PINs Feature 3-ns Switching Speeds

Beam Lead PINs Feature 3-ns Switching Speeds

The SBL 2000 series beam lead PIN diodes feature switching speeds as low as 3 ns with both low capacitance and resistance. Designed during assembly for high levels of mechanical strength and stability with an operating temperature ranging from -55oC to +150oC, the PINs come with breakdown voltages as high as 100V, maximum junction capacitances as low as 0.02 pF, and a maximum series resistance as low as 3.0 Ω at 10 mA and 2.5 Ω at 10 mA. The diodes are suitable for microstrip or stripline circuits as well as applications requiring high isolation from a series of mounted diodes such as multi-throw switches, phase shifters, attenuators, and modulators. A datasheet is available at

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