Bayspec Ships FBGAs For Efficient Gas Turbine Monitoring

FREMONT, CA-- BaySpec, Inc., a leader in affordable spectral engines for small and large molecular sample identification, announced it has shipped its ruggedized, ultra-repeatible FBG Interrogation Analyzers to a leading organization working on the HEATTOP, gas turbine program.

The sensor technology is based on the micromachining of super resistant materials such as single-crystal sapphire (melting point >2000°C) together with innovative fibre optic interrogation techniques which give high sensitivity and immunity from electro-magnetic interference (EMI) effects common in turbo-machinery such as gas turbines. Under the program, aims to advance technologies available for gas turbine life optimisation, performance and condition monitoring through accurate high temperature engine measurements.

The Copenhagen Communiqué has already secured the support of over 600 leading companies worldwide. They warn that, "Economic development will not be sustained in the longer term unless the climate is stabilised" and say it is "critical" that "we exit this recession in a way that lays the foundation for low-carbon growth and avoids locking us into a high carbon future". The companies call for emission reduction targets to be guided by science and offer support for the emerging consensus to limit global average temperature rise to less than 2 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels. In turn, they recognise that this will require global emissions to peak and begin to decline rapidly within the next decade and reduce by 50%–85% by 2050. The business leaders urge developed countries to take on "immediate and deep emission reduction commitments" and "demonstrate that low-carbon growth is both achievable and desirable".

The United Nations Summit on Climate Change is being convened by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on 22 September 2009. Over 100 Heads of State and Government will gather at UN Headquarters in New York in an attempt to advance the climate negotiations in advance of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this December.

Hermetic FBG Interrogation Analyzer
BaySpec's WaveCapture FBGA Interrogation Analyzer (FBGA) is an integrated spectral engine simultaneously covering multiple wavelengths for precise and rapid fiber bragg grating (FBG) sensor system measurements.

Features include:
  ± 30 pm EOL wavelength accuracy
  Excellent wavelength stability
  Athermal design enabling battery-operated portable operation
  Frequency response up to ~5 kHz
  Wide scanning range
  High dynamic range –50 dB
  Hermetically sealed for use in harsh environment
  MIL STD 810F qualified
  Compact, card-mountable design

About BaySpec
BaySpec, Inc., founded in 1999 with 100% manufacturing in the USA (Fremont, CA), is a vertically integrated spectral sensing company. The company designs, manufactures and markets advanced spectral instruments, from FBG Interrogation Analyzers to handheld and portable NIR and Raman analyzers, to deep-cooled detector/cameras, for the biomedical, pharmaceuticals, chemical, food, semiconductor, homeland security, fiber sensing and the optical telecommunications industries. For more information, contact BaySpec at: [email protected]; +1(510)661-2008; or visit the BaySpec Web site.

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