Battery Protector Guards Wearables, Small IoT Devices

GLF Integrated Power’s GLF73510 IQSmart IC virtually eliminates wearable and IoT device battery discharge during standby or deep-sleep operation. The chip consumes a leakage current (ISD) of 2 nA typical, said to be as much as 1,000 times less than currently-available chips commonly used in this application.


Applications for wearable and smaller IoT battery powered devices are expanding rapidly. Market forces continue to demand hardware solutions with more features and longer battery life at a lower cost. Surprisingly, the semiconductor industry has been slow to address the specific requirements of smaller battery-powered devices and consider existing ICs, developed for mobile applications with much higher battery densities, as a good fit.


The GLF73510 is a high-efficiency 2A-rated, bi-directional switch with a turn-on threshold to prevent a battery from deep discharge.  The IC is provided in a wafer-level chip scale package (WLCSP) measuring 0.97 mm x 0.97 mm x 0.55 mm. Pricing is $0.19 each in OEM quantities. If you require more specs and details, check out the GLF73510 IQSmart IC product page.