Battery-Powered Water Meter Getting An Update

KROHNE’s updated WATERFLUX 3070 battery powered water meter is touted as the first all-in-one water meter with integrated pressure and temperature sensor. Simplified installation, integrated diagnostics, a long battery lifetime, remote communication options, and low overall maintenance make it desirable for installation in remote locations.


The meter now offers a mains power option with battery backup and a Modbus RTU communication option for transmission of readings, meter status, and alarms.  The polycarbonate converter housing with protection class IP68 rating is now standard for both compact and remote versions. The meter features IP68 waterproof plug and play connectors that do not require wiring on site, and a small installation footprint to fit into electrical cabinets.

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For locations where mains power is available, WATERFLUX 3070 is now available with an external FlexPower unit to connect the meter to a 110 to 230 Vac or 10 to 30 Vdc power source. The FlexPower module also has an internal battery that serves as a battery backup in case the external power source fails.


The integrated pressure and temperature sensor option allows WATERFLUX to be used for a wide variety of drinking water network tasks, including pressure monitoring, maintaining the water balance, and district zoning (DMA). It can also be used for leak detection in drinking water networks when comparison of pressure and flow values is used as the leak detection method.


Pressure and temperature values are available using either the display or Modbus. Alarms can be generated by the status output or by Modbus when critical limits for pressure and/or temperature are exceeded. The integrated pressure and temperature sensor is available for diameters DN50 to 200 / 2 in. to 4 in. The water meter is certified to OIML R49 and MID MI-001 with 0 DN/0 DN up to DN600/ 24 inches.


For greater knowledge, visit KROHNE, call them at1-800-FLOWING  or 978-535-6060 in MA, and/or email for [email protected].


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