Battery Powered Microohmmeter from TEGAM

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The Model 1750/BAT from TEGAM Inc., Geneva, OH, is a battery-powered version of the company's Model 1750 microohmmeter that is designed to replace the discontinued Keithley 580 for testing electrical and mechanical bonds in the aerospace industry. The device features an internal lithium ion battery pack sized to run for a full day of typical use and a recharge time of 8 hr. with a 90–250 VAC, 50–400 Hz input voltage range. The device has measurement ranges from 2 milliohm to 20 megohm with resolution as low as 100 nanohm while automatically correcting for offset errors common in low-resistance circuits. A range of probe styles is available.

Contact Info

Company: TEGAM Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-666-1010/440-466-6100
Fax: 440-466-6110

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