Battery-Powered Balancers Exploit Larger Weighing Pans

Battery-Powered Balancers Exploit Larger Weighing Pans
Mettler-Toledo LLC

The compact, battery-operated ML-T line of balancers employ larger-than-average weighing pans, providing the necessary space to carry out weighing tasks accurately. Built-in applications and a straightforward user interface make the ML-T easy to use by untrained operators. A standard weigh-in guide and large color touchscreen with red light/green light indicators creates easy readability for dosing within tolerance. Once weigh-in is complete, results can be sent directly to a printer or transmitted wirelessly to a PC, eliminating transcription by hand and the potential for error that comes with it. For more details, visit  

Mettler-Toledo LLC
Columbus, OH

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Company: Mettler-Toledo LLC
Country: United States (USA)

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