Battery-Free, Wireless Sensor Detects Leaks During Vehicle Production

ON Semiconductor and RFMicron collaborate to develop a complete in-line vehicle production leak detection solution. The RFM5126 Moisture Intrusion Detection System uses battery-free, wireless sensors to detect in-vehicle water leaks caused by incorrect assembly. Detecting leaks and assembly issues before a vehicle leaves the factory is critical to improving outgoing quality and to avoiding customer warranty issues. The new automated leak detection system, assembled in the production line, enables detection of the smallest damage-inducing leaks.


The unobtrusive, battery-free, wireless sensors are installed in the vehicle at the bare metal stage before installation of the interior trim and seats. After completing all assembly, vehicles move through a high-pressure spray test where the system flags any small, hard-to-find leaks. Drive-through portal stations that are easily installed on existing vehicle assembly lines facilitate communication with the sensors. The portal stations incorporate comprehensive sensor monitoring software that reports accurate leak locations, helping to speed the rework process. Over time, the system strengthens process improvement efforts by helping automakers identify issues that lead to leaks in the first place.


For more details, read Moisture Intrusion Detection System: “Solving Water Leak Inspection Challenges on Vehicle Assembly Lines”.


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