Battery-Free RFID Tag Monitors Voltage Levels

Battery-Free RFID Tag Monitors Voltage Levels
Farsens S.L.

The VMETER-DCLV10 is a fully passive RFID tag that measures voltage levels of a device connected to it with a 0V to 1.5V range. Operating battery free, the sensor tag transmits a unique identifier and voltage level measurements to a commercial EPC C1G2 reader. It can measure voltages in a range from 0V to 1.5V with an adjustable gain of 1 to 1,000. The VMETER-DCLV10 has a 96-bit EPC number, 32-bit TID, and a password protected kill command. Additionally, the tag comes in a variety of antenna designs and sizes to adapt performance to an application in the 860- to 960-MHz band. Reading distance is around 1.5m and it can be embedded in a wide variety of materials such as plastics or concrete. A datasheet is available at

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