Battery Extra reconditions and restores lead acid battery banks

Groton, MA - Sirius Integrator announces the new Battery Extra lead acid battery desulfator and reconditioner that will save money and reduce landfill acid pollution. This system can restore deeply discharged lead acid batteries and battery banks to their original capacity. The Battery Extra will double their lifetime and saves you from replacing expensive 12v, 24v, 36v and 48v battery banks up to 500ah in size. Multiple Battery Extras can be used for larger battery banks.

Battery Extra was designed to extend the cycle life of all types of lead acid battery packs (GEL, AGM, Maintenance Free, Deep Cycle, Sealed), for SOLAR SYSTEMS, BOATS, MOTORHOMES, RV's, ELECTRIC CARS, GOLF BUGGIES, FORKLIFTS, REMOTE POWER BANKS, CARS, TRUCKS, TELECOM STATIONS, BACK UP POWER SUPPLIES, etc.

Around 75% of lead acid batteries fail prematurely because of sulfation of the battery plates. Sulfate build up increases the internal resistance of the battery, reducing its capacity and leads to premature battery failure.The main causes of sulfate build up on lead acid battery cells are: Batteries sitting too long between charges, storing batteries without charging, undercharging batteries, low electrolyte level and incorrect charging levels. The Battery Extra was developed using the very latest electronic technology. This has enabled us to design and build an economically priced desulfator that is able to fully clean both the negative and positive battery plates of all sulfate crystal build up, without the need for the damaging high voltage spikes, and return them to a fully working condition. It is also able to eliminate sulfate build up on new batteries, keeping them in top condition, ensuring they have the maximum possible lifespan. Battery Extra works during both the charge and discharge phase of the battery cycle and restores batteries in a few to 20 cycles on average (with exception to batteries with shorted or damaged cells).

Future offerings will include a 1200ah (48v) and 2400ah (120v) model for larger battery banks used in Solar installs.

For more info, visit or call 855-747-4874

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