Battery Analyzers Eases Backup System Testing

Battery Analyzers Eases Backup System Testing
Fluke Corp.

Using an automated string function that quickly tests a broad range of battery functions, the 500 Series battery analyzers simplify the workflow of testing stationary batteries and battery banks through an intuitive user interface. The instrument is suitable for testing mission critical battery back-up applications in data centers, hospitals, airports, utilities, oil and gas, and railways. Measurements Include battery resistance, dc and ac voltage, dc and ac current (Fluke BT521 model only), ripple voltage, frequency, and battery temperature (BT521 only). Additionally, intelligent test probes streamline the testing process by displaying measurement results on their integrated LCD displays, eliminating the need for users to stop and look at the mainframe. The probes feature infrared temperature measurement (BT521 only), tri-color LED for pass/fail/warning indications, and audio feedback. For more information, visit

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