Basho Educates Developers on Conquering IoT Challenges

LONDON --- Basho Technologies, the creator and developer of Riak® KV and Riak® TS, the world’s most resilient NoSQL databases, announces its Scaling Time Series Apps Roadshow, an educational tour that will provide program attendees demonstrations of tools designed specifically to meet the challenges IoT data presents. Beginning in September, Basho will hold informative sessions across the U.S. and Europe to help developers better understand how to derive value from IoT data and how to fully utilize powerful tools like Basho’s Riak TS and Apache’s Spark™ to build applications that can scale to meet the incredible demands of IoT applications. Basho will also be partnering with other industry leaders and attending key industry conferences over coming months to bring IoT expertise to developers and engineers nationwide.

The roadshow complements insights from Basho’s IoT Time Series Quiz, aimed at professionals who want to score their IoT knowledge. Early responses paint an interesting picture of IoT expertise. Over 60 percent were classified as being a “Leader,” rather than a “Novice” or a “Guru,” suggesting that while there’s a broad spectrum of IoT know-how, the majority of industry participants have room to grow and would benefit from more education. Another telling finding: so far the question most people get wrong is “Which IoT business model is not currently publicly available?” Hint, it has nothing to do with toothbrushes. If teams involved in IoT initiatives aren’t familiar with the broad set of IoT business models, they’re likely limiting their success, or worse — building IoT applications that don’t adequately support business goals. The quiz answers suggest application developers need guidance to turn IoT ambitions into reality.

“IoT represents a wealth of untapped information that can help allow businesses to make smarter, more effective decisions,” said Peter Coppola, vice president of marketing and products, Basho Technologies. “Yet, many organizations’ processes for turning that data into valuable information are still works in progress. Basho hopes that by bringing our expertise to developers, we can help provide our community with the knowledge and tools to derive value from their data.”

Databricks, the company founded by the team that created Apache Spark, will also be participating in the Scaling Time Series Apps Roadshow. Included in their presentation will be a live tour of the Notebook, built to show the Apache Spark and Riak TS integration in action. Basho will also take part in Databricks’ Spark Live tour, a series of complimentary one-day workshops in a number of North American cities. According to Databricks’ vice president of marketing Kavitha Mariappan, "Scalable and resilient tools like Apache Spark and Riak TS are critical in ensuring IoT applications can deliver advanced analytics faster and at a lower overall cost. Databricks is looking forward to working with Basho to help developers leverage the data being generated by IoT devices."

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