Barrier Modules Provide Isolation for Analog And Discrete Signals

Barrier Modules Provide Isolation for Analog And Discrete Signals
Wieland Electric Inc.

Fuse-protected and rated for Class 1, Division 2 locations, the ASD-NIB Series single-channel, non-incendive barrier module for analog and discrete signals eliminates the need for explosion-proof enclosures and conduits. The module promises to minimize the risk of ignition on the load side by providing an electrical barrier between control devices and equipment. This enables standard wiring practices for connecting end devices in the field. The ASD-NIB is CCSAUS approved, measures 6.2-mm wide, and supports signal wires from 24 to12 AWG. It has a nominal rating of 24 Vdc/35 mA. LED indicators on the module signal either normal operation (green) or a fault condition on the output (amber) and a thermal fuse opens the output when the temperature reaches +75°C. For more information, visit

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