Barcode Scanning System Delivers Realtime Room Status Reporting


ROBIOTIC launches the MaidSafe Barcode Scanning system that provides real time information regarding the status of room cleanliness with availability with a pocket size panic button for cleaning and room staff. Described as being easy to use, the device requires virtually no training to use. After the housekeeper scans a discrete bar code label on the room door or entranceway, the MaidSafe device automatically transmits the data to the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS) and booking systems via a mobile communication network, with a permanent "virtual dedicated line" that ensures constant connectivity. To verify the scan was successfully transmitted, the device can provide user feedback by LED, vibration, and/or sound, and gives the housekeeper the OK to safely enter the room.


The system instantly shows the operations and front desk teams that cleaning procedures have begun. When housekeeping leaves the room, they scan again, showing the room has been completed. As a result, the front desk can see an indicator of all rooms that are ready at any given time, ensuring guests need not wait longer than necessary to get into a clean room.

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Panic Button Provides Safety


MaidSafe provides a Panic Button capability for those situations where a housekeeper may encounter an unsafe situation. The panic button attaches to a wrist with a cord or fit inside a pocket. Pushing the button sets a chain of events into motion, starting with messages to the security team, front desk, and potentially the alarm system if need be. Since the device will have already scanned the room’s barcode, security will know the exact location and can send someone to investigate immediately.


For greater insights and revelations, peruse the MaidSafe data sheet and a related article.


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