Barcode Scanners Roam Industrial Environments

Barcode Scanners Roam Industrial Environments
Wasp Barcode Technologies

Standing up to industrial environments, the WLS9600, WLS8600, and WDI4600 barcode scanners read one- and two-dimensional barcodes in the yard, warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing facility, or outdoor retail store. The WLS9600 and WLS8600 are for fast-pace scanning, while the WDI4600 is handles 2D scanning. The WLS9600 features a high motion pattern that allows the scan engine to scan barcodes quickly including barcodes that are dirty or damaged. The WLS8600 withstands the harshest industrial environments and is ideal for one-dimensional (1D) barcodes. The WDI4600 2D handles 1D and 2D barcode scanning and promises to eliminate data-entry errors. For more info, go to

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