Backup Sensor Systems Make For Safer Motoring

Backup Sensor Systems Make For Safer Motoring

The RVS-BES02 blind spot sensor system and RVS-116 forward facing vehicle sensor system both promise to make roads safer for pedestrians and drivers alike. The RVS-116 mounts on the front of the vehicle. Four sensors are installed on the front bumper that feed information to a module located directly on the dashboard. The system alerts drivers when he or she may be getting too close to certain objects that may be too close to the ground to see. The RVS-BES02 blind spot sensor system relies on sensors installed on both sides of a vehicle to alert the driver to objects that may be difficult to see due to their inclusion on the car or truck's blind spot. The sensors feed information directly to a visual alert box installed on the "A" pillar of the vehicle, making sure that the driver can see it quickly and clearly. For more details, visit:

• RVS-BES02:
• RVS-116:

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