AYEFI Launches Wearable, Smart-Safety Device

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- YESJ EXPERT in joint-partnership with AYEIM ventures announced today the launch of AYEFI, a wearable smart device with GPS capabilities designed for safety, education and entertainment. AYEFI is perfect for parents and caregivers seeking safekeeping solutions for when they are not present.

With the click-of-a-button users can trigger an alert to their attendee notifying them that assistance is required or sharing a video. When not being worn, AYEFI can be used for user engagement.

The GPS capabilities are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who get lost or have suffered an injury – family members and officials will be able to lock in their location for a swift and efficient rescue.

AYEFI is compatible with users' smart phones providing access to cameras, photos, games and other apps. It's smaller than the average smart phone and does not require a plan, although a version with cellular option will be released. AYEFI offers a sustainable version with a solar power charger, providing the charge any day and making it safe for the environment too!

AYEFI's wireless capabilities offer additional uses around the office and/or home. Simply place the AYEFI on a desk or other flat surface to display personal photos and/or videos. Kids can learn essential skills and/or play games on the AYEFI.

AYEFI will be available for pre-order in limited quantities for this holiday season and will rollout nationally in February 2015. Consumers can purchase AYEFI online at http://www.ayefi.co/.

AYEFI is also raising the next round of funds for scaling their operations.

Suresh Sreeni, Company Director at AYEIM states the next generation of AYEFI device will offer consumers more features and benefits for increased engagement. Anyone who purchases version 1 will be able to upgrade to the software new enhancements.

Additionally, the makers of AYEFI are working on a fashion handbag and messenger bag specifically for the smart-safety device, perfect for hi-tech fashionistas and users' on-the-go!

For more details, go to http://www.ayeim.com

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