Axxon Announces New $10 PCI Express Serial Port RS232 Adapter

WINDSOR, Ontario -- Axxon (OEM) Inc. announces their next generation low cost RS232 serial port host adapter for PCI Express (PCIe) expansion slots (P/N LF1082KB). This new model enables customers to quickly add a high speed serial port with true Direct Memory Access (DMA) support to virtually any motherboard with an available PCIe expansion slot. LF1082KB supports speeds of up to 921Kbps via the onboard DB9M connector with a full DTE RS232 pin out. The DMA feature allows for autonomous high speed data transfers to and from the on-board UART buffers without CPU intervention.

Deeper FIFOs with 16x50 compatible registers further improve performance over competing adapters. Operating system support is available for Windows® (32/64), Linux (32/64), OS X® VMWare®, QNX® and DOS®. The LF1082KB adapter boards are available now from stock.

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