Axis Signs License Agreement on Daylight-Harvesting Technology

LINCOLN, NE /Marketwire/ -- Axis Technologies Inc., a designer, manufacturer, and marketer of a proprietary line of proven energy-saving daylight-harvesting electronic dimming ballasts for the commercial lighting industry, announced the signing of a license agreement with the University of California, Davis to commercialize technological advances that reduce the overall cost and increase the reliability of daylight harvesting systems. The license agreements involve a broad range of energy-saving lighting technologies developed by the California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) at UC Davis.

Currently, daylight-harvesting lighting systems are set up by a technician who makes adjustments specific to the space and location. Even small changes in the lit space—rearranging furniture and/or changing the color of fabric, for example—can change the reflective properties of the space and require expensive expert adjustments called "commissioning." Daylight harvesting systems automatically adjust indoor lighting to match changes in ambient daylight and have tremendous potential to reduce both energy costs and electricity demand at peak energy usage times. But the concept has been a challenge due to issues of reliability and the periodic cost of commissioning.

CLTC researchers have developed tools that enable a daylight harvesting system to self-calibrate automatically by adjusting to any changes in the room, reducing the need for expert commissioning. In addition, the researchers have developed innovative technology that uses two light sensors, rather than just one sensor, to get a more reliable and accurate measure of ambient daylight. Significantly, the CTLC research team took advantage of the properties of photo sensors to obtain more accurate measurements of light approaching the sensor from an angle instead of directly.

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About the California Lighting Technology Center
The California Lighting Technology Center was established in 2004 as a joint program of UC Davis and the Public Interest Energy Research program of the California Energy Commission.

About UC Davis InnovationAccess
UC Davis InnovationAccess actively manages a patent portfolio of over 840 inventions, reflecting the diversity of the campus's research base, and seeks opportunities to commercialize these via licensing, with more than 480 currently active licensees. UC Davis has also seen an upsurge in startup companies emerging from campus research and technologies, with nearly 20 companies founded since 2005. The UC Davis InnovationAccess team is comprised of more than 20 professionals with PhDs, JDs, and MBAs with significant private-sector experience.

About Axis Technologies
Axis Technologies Group Inc. conducts its business through a wholly owned subsidiary, Axis Technologies Inc., a Delaware corporation headquartered in Lincoln, NE. Axis Technologies Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets a proprietary line of energy-saving and daylight-harvesting electronic dimming ballasts for the commercial lighting industry. A ballast is an electronic component that regulates voltage in fluorescent lighting. Axis Technologies Group Inc. has developed a proprietary new ballast, with the goal of expanding daylight harvesting into mainstream fluorescent-lighting applications. The patented Axis Dimming/Daylight Harvesting (DDH) Ballast is a new technology that transforms the ballast, a once standard lighting industry staple, into a dynamic energy-saving system that can reduce lighting energy costs by up to 70%, without a noticeable change in the lighting. The Axis DDH Ballast uses an individual photo sensor to automatically adjust the amount of electrical current flowing to the light fixture and then dims or increases lighting in conjunction with the amount of available sunlight that may be harvested from available windows and sunlight. The Axis DDH Ballast avoids over-lit conditions that increase energy costs by keeping lighting tuned to the desired level in a designated area. Numerous utilities across the nation offer rebate programs to their commercial accounts that install the Axis ballasts, thereby significantly reducing the return of investment time.