Axcelis Announces Extended Energy Range Option For 'Purion XE' To Support Image Sensor Market Demand

BEVERLY, MA -- Axcelis Technologies, Inc. releases an extended energy range option for its industry leading Purion XE high energy implanter. This new option was developed specifically to address the emerging needs of the image sensor and specialty device manufacturers. The extended energy range option is scheduled to be available on new systems in the second quarter of 2016.

Bill Bintz, executive vice president, marketing and engineering, commented, "We're excited to be able to offer our customers the ability to perform ultra-high energy implants for next generation image sensor and power device manufacturing. These implants enable extremely precise and very deep doping profiles, for applications that include deep wells. In the case of image sensors, this allows for more effective separation of photodiodes, reduced noise and dark current, and higher quality color." He continued, "The Purion XE also excels at this application due to the unique contamination filtering capabilities of its RF linear accelerator technology, which results in a metals-free implant process to achieve optimum image quality. This is accomplished while delivering the industry's highest throughput and capital efficiency."

John Aldeborgh, executive vice president, customer operations, commented, "Image sensors and specialty devices are two of the fastest growing market segments in IC manufacturing, due to the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and digital cameras. We see significant opportunity for the Purion XE in these very active markets."

The Power of Purion

The Purion platform redefines the ion implanter application space, delivering unmatched purity, precision and productivity to enhance customers' device performance and yield. On this platform, Axcelis has built the industry's first complete implant product solution designed specifically for advanced planar and 3D devices while providing the most flexible and productive manufacturing capability for our customers. The systems' common cross-product platform architecture is designed to drive manufacturing flexibility and lower the total cost of fab operations. All Purion implanters incorporate Axcelis' industry leading Purion Contamination Shield™ Defense System, for unsurpassed implant quality, so even the most sensitive devices can realize optimized device performance. The platform's proprietary Purion Vector™ dose and angle control system, and constant focal length scanning deliver the most precise and repeatable dopant placement available today. The platform's superior beam current performance combined with the Purion™ 500wph end station provides the industry's highest productivity. The Purion platform includes the Purion M™ medium current implanter, the Purion H™ high current implanter, and the Purion XE™ high energy implanter.

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