Award-Winning Solar Inverters Coral Several Technologies

In its stated quest to help build a cleaner and greener world, CyboEnergy offers on-grid, off-grid, and on/off CyboInverter solar inverters. First released in 2013, the patented CyboInverter is the world's first solar power Mini-Inverter that possesses the key merits of both central and string inverters and microinverters.


Reportedly, the CyboInverters offer greater safety, scalability, grid-flexibility, dc-source flexibility, high efficiency, long life, easy installation, and an economical per Watt price. In June 2015, CyboEnergy released the groundbreaking On/Off-Grid CyboInverter that can operate in either on-grid or off-grid mode, switching between the two modes automatically, depending on the grid condition. This enables the same solar power system to generate power to the grid and also act as a power backup system when the grid is down. In July 2017, CyboEnergy released a family of battery-less off-grid and on/off-grid CyboInverters that can run Inverter-Air-Conditioners (IAC).

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Receiving the Frost & Sullivan 2017 Global Solar Inverter Technology Innovation Award, CyboEnergy CEO Dr. George Cheng said, "Our customers, partners, shareholders, and team members are a crucial part of this latest recognition and achievement. Frost & Sullivan is the most well respected market research company in the world. This prestigious award inspires us to be even more diligent in our quest to help build a cleaner and greener world."


For this Technology Innovation Award, the following criteria were used to benchmark CyboEnergy's performance against key competitors: (1) Addressing Unmet Needs, (2) Visionary Scenarios Through Mega Trends, (3) Blue Ocean Strategy, (4) Price/Performance Value, (5) Customer Ownership Experience, and (6) Brand Equity.


For more information, visit CyboEnergy or give them a call at 916-631-6313.


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