Aviall becomes global distributor of Sensor Systems, Inc. aircraft antennas

DALLAS, TX -- Aviall, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, is now a global distributor of Sensor Systems, Inc. aircraft antennas.

Founded in 1961, Sensor Systems has become one of the largest airborne communications and navigation antenna manufacturers in the world. Sensor Systems holds over twenty patents and builds more than 200 types of aircraft antennas. During the past five decades, Sensor Systems has become the largest world-wide supplier of OEM aircraft antennas and has provided antennas for highly respected aviation airframe and system manufacturers.

The new agreement authorizes Aviall to market and distribute Sensor Systems aftermarket antennas.

Aviall has previously offered Sensor Systems products but is pleased to expand its stock to include their complete line of aftermarket antennas. "We are excited to further our relationship with Sensor Systems by distributing their line of aircraft antennas," Ed Dolanski, president and CEO of Aviall, said. "This product line supports a variety of market segments beyond the commercial and military sectors to include business and general aviation customers as well."

For more details, visit http://www.aviall.com

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