Averna Recognized for Excellence in Surface-Inspection Technology

Frost & Sullivan conferred its 2006 Excellence in Technology of the Year Award in the field of advanced surface-inspection technologies to Averna of Canada for its development of advanced inspection solutions for metal surfaces, such as turbine blades and bearings.

These surface inspection solutions, which employ CMOS and line scan cameras, have the capability to classify about twenty types of defects. The new approach to metal surface inspection could potentially replace laser-scanning technology, which is not fully capable of classifying all defects and their intricacies.

Averna is distinguished by the exemplary performance of its vision solutions in challenging applications, such as turbo machinery manufacturing, aluminum processing, and lighting inspection. The company's expertise in vision and robotics has uniquely allowed it to combine the flexibility of the robotic arm and the newly developed surface-inspection technique.

The smart sensor technology in Averna's solution has great flexibility and many user-friendly attributes that greatly help reduce its complexity. Moreover, Averna's expertise in the areas of vision and manufacturing technology has enabled it to differentiate itself from many other small integrators and allowed it to build the vision solution around the application rather than the other way around.

Through its deployment of such state-of-the-art technology, Averna has showcased its competencies in mechanical design, project management, machine vision research, and technology development.