Avalanche Photodiodes Bask In Ultra-Low Light Environments

Avalanche Photodiodes Bask In Ultra-Low Light Environments
Excelitas Technologies Corp.

Providing high-responsivity for ultra-low light applications, the C30902EH-2 and C30902SH-2 avalanche photodiodes employ a double-diffused reach-through structure. The modules integrate a 905-nm band pass filter and are useable in normal linear mode or in Geiger mode. Other shared features include hermetically-sealed TO-18 packages, a quantum efficiency of 77% typical at 830 nm, and spectral response in the 400 nm to 1,000 nm range. A datasheet is available at http://www.excelitas.com/Downloads/DTS_C30902andC30921_Series_Detectors.pdf

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