Autonomous Sorting Comes Alive

(Prime Vision)

Prime Vision has launched a technical video to demonstrate the company’s autonomous sorting concept.  Introduced by Prime Vision’s Innovation Director, Bernd van Dijk, this short video gives the viewer a comprehensive overview of a fast system that is accurate, flexible, and scalable with limited capital expenditure.

Based on mobile robots making autonomous sorting decisions for parcels, this system can be implemented in a matter of days and is both software and hardware independent. Operation is basic. A parcel is manually scanned and put onto a mobile robot that determines the destination. Once there, it ejects the parcel onto a roller conveyor for manual unloading.

The scope of the technology is much greater than the basic video demonstration. It could include, for example, mobile robot arms for loading and unloading or the integration of a bag dropping system. OCR, weighing and dimensioning can also be included and scaling-up simply requires the addition of more robots and extension of the network. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, checkout the Prime Vision video.