Automotive Microcontrollers Pave the Way to Smart Driving via More Secure and Connected Cars

Geneva --- STMicroelectronics launches a new family of automotive microcontrollers that heralds the advent of more secure and connected cars. This new family of power-efficient and real-time-capable MCUs brings the world´s first Power Architecture™- based devices manufactured in state-of the-art 40nm Flash technology dedicated to Car Body and Security applications. It is composed of three product lines; SPC58 B-Line, SPC58 C-Line, and SPC58 G-Line, which offer from 512KB to 6MB of embedded Flash memory.

The high level of scalability allows the SPC58 family to perfectly address the ever-growing need for in-car automotive networks with high bandwidth and strong in-vehicle security. The devices combine Ethernet and ISO CAN FD[1] communication interfaces with the latest Hardware Security Module (HSM) technology to ensure functional integrity of the car’s Electronic Control Units (ECUs), intrusion detection, and protection against malicious attacks.

ST’s in-house embedded Flash (eFlash) 40nm process technology is ideal to integrate high performance and outstanding automotive-grade reliability in very small packages, enabling car gateways and body modules to be smarter, smaller, and lighter.

The SPC58 family, optimized for Car Body and Security applications, offers a highly scalable line of products with industry-leading benefits, including:

ASIL-B (Automotive Safety Integrity Level) compliance;
The highest number of ISO CAN-FD and Ethernet communication channels on the market;
Double the performance of previous-generation solutions, thanks to the multi-core architecture, higher system frequency, and faster memory-access time;
The state-of-the-art 40nm Flash technology enables high integration and performance in very small packages – as few as 32 pins;
Perfect companion MCU for camera or telematics applications;
Perfect solution for in-car stand-alone and integrated gateways;
Assured security via the built-in HSM and related security firmware[2] that ensure the highest protection against malicious attacks;
Option to support “Over the Air” (OTA) requirements allowing smart and wireless SW update;
Easy portability of applications from SPC56 to SPC58, with high reuse of existing software, development tools, and hardware experience.

The new products are part of a comprehensive ST strategy to offer products with embedded security functions that include stand-alone Secure Elements.

Samples of the SPC58 B-, C- and G-Line MCUs have been provided to lead customers and full production is scheduled for Q1 2017.

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