Automotive Diagnostic Tool Snoops Out Noise And Vibration

Automotive Diagnostic Tool Snoops Out Noise And Vibration
Saelig Co. Inc.

Introduced as a cost-effective tool for solving the noise, vibration, and harshness problems in automotive applications, the NVH Kit works with PicoScope 4000 automotive oscilloscopes to provide real-time diagnostic information such as bar graphs and frequency charts. The kit can directly check sensors, components, noise, and vibrations with additional help in capturing and diagnosing intermittent and performance problems. It reportedly provides clear advice, analysis and procedures for dynamic driveline balancing, and it includes attachment support for pinion flange, single weight, and hose clamp methods. Step-by-step procedures are prompted by help and graphical displays. Full analysis and advanced features including waterfall and spectral displays are also provided by the software. For more details, visit

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