Automotive Current Sensor from Premo

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Premo Corp.

Designed for use in electric and hybrid vehicles, the CS-100-AU from Premo Corp., Barcelona, Spain, measures primary current to 35 Arms, samples at 200 kHz, handles 14.6 A/cm3, and operates in temperatures from –40°C to 155°C. The sensor offers a 1:100 turn ratio around a low-loss, high-temperature-stability toroidal ferrite core; 3 kV isolation between the primary winding and secondary site; 0.5 milliohm typ. primary DC resistance; 0.8 ohm typ. secondary DC resistance; secondary inductance >4 mH; and primary to secondary capacitance of < 7 pF. The sensor is also fully AECQ-200C compliant.

Contact Info

Company: Premo Corp.
Country: Spain
Phone number: +34 951-23-13-20

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