Automatically Link Your Smart Thermostat With Your Everyday Activities

MINNEAPOLIS, MI -- Honeywell announces a new Channel on IFTTT – the widely-used software application – to help consumers better control their homes and keep them feeling comfortable. Through the Honeywell and IFTTT integration, consumers can now automatically link and manage their Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostats using IFTTT's simple, DIY (do it yourself) "Recipes." A Recipe is a simple formula built around the idea that "if this" happens, "then that" occurs.

Consumers can visit the Honeywell Connected Thermostat Channel on IFTTT, and begin adding Recipes that will activate custom features and scenarios for free, including:

•Geofencing -- if you enter or leave a designated location, then your thermostat can set a certain temperature.
•Smart responses -- If the temperature outside reaches a specific point then your thermostat turns off the cooling system.
•Time-based programming -- if your digital calendar shows that you are travelling then the thermostat lowers the temperature.

"We know that 90 percent of Americans* have a desire to automate their homes in some way and are clamoring for new ways to be in control of and in sync with everything that happens with their homes," said Jeremy Eaton, president, Honeywell Connected Home. "With Honeywell Recipes on IFTTT, consumers can now use and connect with their thermostats even more easily, however and whenever they want."

To learn more about which Honeywell connected thermostats are compatible with IFTTT and the Total Connect Comfort mobile app, visit

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