Automated System Calibrates Crash Test Accelerometers

Complying with SAEJ211 and SAE2570 standards, MB Dynamics’ Win475 CRASH-CAL automated accelerometer calibration system can simultaneously calibrate up to eight piezoresistive bridge-type automotive crash-test accelerometers over frequencies from 10 Hz to 4 kHz. Boasting a measurable 50% time-savings over traditional sequential calibration methods, the CRASH-CAL system seamlessly integrates with the company’s Model CAL25AB air bearing shaker, together with its Model 407-8X multi-channel signal conditioner; MB 500VI power amplifier; and proprietary Win475 CRASH-CAL software. Its design further supports individual calibrations of non-piezoresistive DUT’s, including charge mode and IEPE accelerometers, in frequencies from 5 Hz to 10 kHz.

The MB CRASH-CAL system automatically measures and saves relevant accelerometer characteristics, such as ZMO, Zin and Zout, as well as input & output impedance values. Users can choose from among seven individual (six internal, one external) high-precision resistors for shunt calibration. The system also reads onboard sensor electronic identifications, such as 1-Wire Dallas ID memory chips or TEDS piezoelectric accelerometers (per IEEE 1451). The MB CRASH-CAL may be further integrated into customer-specified databases for additional automation capabilities with reduced calibration data transference errors. For more information,  visit MB Dynamics, call 216-292-5850, or email [email protected].

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