Automated Optical Inspection Market Seeing A Surge’s Global and China Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Industry Report, 2018-2022 relates the miniaturization of electronic products to the growing demand for automated optical inspection equipment. In the wake of a transfer of electronic components production capacity to China, AOI equipment has been developing by leaps and bounds over the past several years.


In 2017, the Chinese AOI market was worth RMB9.52 billion, a surge of 10.3% from a year earlier and making up 21.7% of the global AOI market size. As the industries such as artificial intelligence and automotive electronics are advancing rapidly and China's policies on high-end equipment manufacturing are being implemented, the market of high-end equipment inclusive of AOI will be booming and it is projected that the Chinese AOI market size will keep a CAGR of 8.9% between 2017 and 2022.

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Report Highlights

  • AOI industry overview (definition, classification, composition, advantages, technologies, market features, industrial chain, business model, etc.);
  • Global AOI market (status quo, market size, competitive landscape, development trends, etc.);
  • Chinese AOI market (policy, status quo, market size, demand, competitive pattern, development prospects, etc.);
  • Downstream of AOI Industry (market size, demand and so forth of PCB industry, FPD industry, IC industry, etc.);
  • 11 world-renowned companies (Orbotech, Camtek, Omron, Screen, HB, Koh Young Technology, KLA-Tencor, TRI, Utechzone, Mirtec, SAKI), involving profile, performance, revenue structure, R&D expenditure, AOI business, development strategy, operations in China, etc.);
  • 10 Chinese AOI companies (Aleader, Jutze Intelligence, Ekt-Tech, Zhenhuaxing Technology, Ovi Technology, 3i Systems, Xieli Electronic, JT Automation Equipment, Star River Comtes, and Mingfu Automation), involving profile, performance, revenue structure, R&D expenditure, AOI business, development strategy, etc.)


Table of Contents

  1. Overview of AOI Industry
  2. Global AOI Market
  3. China AOI Market
  4. Application of AOI in PCB
  5. Application of AOI in FPD
  6. Application of AOI in Semiconductor
  7. AOI Players Worldwide
  8. AOI Players in China


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