Auto Door-Zone Controllers Integrate Power Management And Failsafe Circuitry

Previously implemented using external devices, the L99DZ100G/GP for front-door applications and L99DZ120 for rear-door controls integrate power-management and failsafe circuitry on chip. With the added advantage of software compatibility between the family members, they also help simplify development and accelerate time to market. Features include embedded half-bridge and high-side drivers with current ratings up to 7.5A. There are also High-Speed CAN (HS-CAN) and LIN 2.2a (SAE J 2602) interfaces, control blocks, and protection circuitry. The L99DZ100GP adds support for ISO 11898-6 HS-CAN selective wake-up that maximizes energy savings by allowing infrequently-used Electronic Control Units (ECU)  to remain powered down while connected to the CAN bus. For further information, visit


Burlington, MA