AuthenTec Ships 1 Million Fingerprint Sensors for PCs in First Quarter of 2006

MELBOURNE, Fla. /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Strong demand by PC manufacturers for advanced biometric security continues to drive rapid growth at AuthenTec, which shipped more than 1 million fingerprint sensors to the PC market in the first quarter of 2006 and topped 100 different PC models using the company's sensors worldwide. Of the 1 million sensors shipped, more than 80% were integrated into laptop and tablet models. The quarter also featured the first volume shipments of the company's new EntrePad 1610, just announced in January, which will appear in several PC customer products in the second quarter.

AuthenTec, a leading provider of fingerprint sensor security, has now shipped more than 8 million sensors across its PC, wireless, and access control markets. The company's continued strong growth has been driven by the rapid adoption of fingerprint sensors by mainstream notebook and tablet computer manufacturers. The adoption includes a mix of manufacturers introducing their first models and existing customers broadening their commercial and consumer offerings. Most recently, Lenovo/IBM, MPC Computer, and LG Electronics introduced their first biometric notebook models, featuring AuthenTec sensors, and HP, Fujitsu, Samsung, NEC Packard Bell, Toshiba, Medion, Motion Computing, and others expanded the breadth of models featuring the advanced security provided by the company's fingerprint sensors.

The adoption momentum pushed the number of different PC models using AuthenTec sensors to more than 100. These include multiple models from HP, Lenovo/IBM, Fujitsu Computer, Samsung, Toshiba, NEC Packard Bell, Fujitsu-Siemens, Medion, and Motion, as well as individual models from MPC, LG, and several others. "Advanced security is no longer an option for PCs; it is a necessity. However, for security to be truly effective—meaning people want to use it—the products must also be easy to use. AuthenTec's fingerprint sensors combine advanced security and convenience in a cost-effective solution," said Tom Aebli, director of PC segment marketing for AuthenTec. "With all of the advantages biometrics provide, we expect close to 10% of all notebook and tablet PCs shipped this year to be protected by fingerprint sensors."

AuthenTec sensors reduce the risk of PC theft and fraud, allowing authorized users to easily and quickly access their files by simply touching or sliding their finger across the sensor surface, while restricting access to the computer and its files to only those enrolled. AuthenTec sensors also make PCs easier to use by eliminating the need to remember cumbersome passwords. With the simple swipe of a finger, users can log onto their computer, quickly open applications, switch desktop applications, or scroll through menus.

The company's recently introduced EntrePad 1610, for example, offers the most trusted security in the smallest and lowest cost solution on the PC market today.

"This increased adoption of fingerprint-enabled laptops and PCs is very encouraging news for the biometrics industry. We expect this to continue," said Sapna Capoor, Industry Analyst at Frost and Sullivan, which has named AuthenTec the fingerprint sensor market leader three times in a row. "AuthenTec's stalwart positioning in this marketplace will ensure sustained success."

"Biometrics has become an important tool for the protection of sensitive business information, particularly for the mobile user," said Walter Hamilton, chairman of the International Biometric Industry Association. "AuthenTec deserves recognition for its accomplishments in fostering the adoption of biometric technology on such a large scale."

In addition to PCs, AuthenTec also continues to experience strong growth in its wireless business. The company's sensors are used in more than 4 million cell phones—more than 95% of the biometric cell phones on the market today. AuthenTec sensors have been chosen by cell phone manufacturers and service providers LG Electronics, Samsung, NTT DoCoMo, Pantech, and others.

In cell phones, AuthenTec sensors combine security with a broad range of Power of Touch features and functions that are controlled at the simple touch or swipe of a finger. The sensor replaces passwords and authenticates the phone's user, protecting buddy lists and stored photos and providing additional security for m-commerce and mobile banking services that are gaining popularity worldwide. The same sensors enable users to easily personalize and operate their cell phones with multi-finger speed dial, instant buddy list access, and other functions. In addition, the sensors provide easy, full-3D navigation for wireless gaming.

About AuthenTec
With more than 8 million sensors in use worldwide, AuthenTec is the world leader in fingerprint sensor security, innovation, and sales to the PC, wireless, and access control markets. AuthenTec's award-winning FingerLoc and EntrePad sensors take full advantage of The Power of Touch by using the company's patented TruePrint technology to deliver the most convenient, reliable, and cost-effective means available for enabling touch-powered features that extend beyond user authentication. The company's network of partners, solution providers, and customers include Analog Devices, APC, Compal, Cherry, Fujitsu Computer, Computer Associates, HP, IBM, Lenovo, LG Electronics, Microsoft, Motion Computing, MPC Computer, NEC Packard Bell, Pantech, Quanta, Samsung, Tatung, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, and Wistron, among others.

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