Augusta Systems Recognized for Security Contributions

MORGANTOWN, WV -- Augusta Systems Inc. has been recognized for its contributions to enable advanced security systems, including the convergence of data from physical and IT security assets and systems. The company was named as one of the top 100 middle market security companies by USBX Advisory Services, and its SensorBridge software received high marks in a product review by leading security industry analyst Steve Hunt at SecurityDreamer.

"Enterprises are faced with the challenge of utilizing data from sensors, devices, and systems as efficiently and effectively as possible. From a security perspective, the convergence of physical security assets with enterprise IT systems is a growing area of focus. Integrating data from access-control systems, security cameras, sensor networks, and other systems can provide both opportunities and challenges for enterprises and systems integrators," said Patrick Esposito II, President and Chief Operating Officer of Augusta Systems.

"Our products, SensorBridge and SensorPort, help enterprises to overcome this challenge. SensorBridge provides an innovative suite of software development components, while SensorPort provides the hardware and embedded software to support intelligent applications within the network. These products help enterprises to connect sensor data to the network and advance a distributed, intelligent network infrastructure. Used together or separately, the technologies help enterprises to overcome integration and connectivity hurdles that exist for sensor, device, and system deployments—not only for security purposes, but also for monitoring, automation, asset tracking, and other applications," Esposito said.

In recognition of these capabilities, Augusta Systems recently was named to the list of "100 Middle Market Security Companies You Should Know" by USBX Advisory Services LLC, a leading boutique investment bank. Esposito was a featured presenter at the recent Fifth Annual Security Growth Conference, co-hosted by USBX Advisory Services.

SensorBridge was also reviewed recently by Hunt, a 2006 CSO Magazine "Industry Visionary" Compass Award Winner, who called the product, "an excellent value for developers who, for a small license fee, can use the SensorBridge tools to develop a superior product."

"The product combines sensor data from physical security or IT using tools from Microsoft Visual Studio and the .Net framework. The developers' tools may hook into systems, databases, or even SCADA systems, providing a unified platform on which the customer may develop a usable application?" Hunt wrote. "SensorBridge lives up to (the company's) stated goal to deliver all the integration, fusion, grouping, and correlation needed to glue together disparate security operational systems."

About Augusta Systems
Augusta Systems Inc. provides technologies to enable rapid integration, intelligent processing, and enterprise utilization of sensor data. The products extend enterprise networks to the level of sensors and sensor networks. These technologies enable the most efficient and effective convergence and use of sensor data in numerous applications, including security, monitoring, automation, and asset tracking, among others.

The company's core products are SensorBridge and SensorPort. SensorBridge is a suite of software components for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 that enables rapid integration, intelligent processing, and enterprise utilization of sensor data within an integrated development environment. SensorPort is a reconfigurable sensor network appliance for distributed, intelligent processing at the edge of the network. Augusta Systems also offers SensorBridge and SensorPort in conjunction with partner technologies to develop advanced end-user sensor and control systems and network products. One such product is ThreatViewer, which provides remote monitoring capabilities for industrial, military, and homeland security.

Augusta Systems technologies enable sensors relying on a variety of protocols and systems, including wireless sensor networks (featuring ZigBee and other protocols), RFID systems, and imagery devices. The technologies support IPv6, physical/IT security convergence, M2M communications, network-centric systems, and more.

For more information, visit the company's Web site.

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