Augusta Systems Receives Product Line Strategy Award

MORGANTOWN, WV /PRNewswire/ -- Augusta Systems Inc., provider of technologies that power the intelligent convergence of devices, systems, and networks, has received Frost & Sullivan's 2009 Global Product Line Strategy of the Year Award in the sensor networks market. The award is in recognition of Augusta Systems' relaunching, rebranding, and updating of its SensorBridge and SensorPort products under the EdgeFrontier product line earlier this year.

"Augusta Systems' timely product line strategy has better reflected the full capabilities of the company's products and built a strong consumer confidence," said V. Sankaranarayanan, Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. "As a result, EdgeFrontier has generated interest in new areas, such as smart grid and building systems management, and witnessed increased utilization with security and safety projects. This indicates the success of this product line strategy."

In early 2009, Augusta Systems de-emphasized the word sensor in its product names and relaunched its products under the EdgeFrontier product line, to better reflect the full range of product capabilities. Building upon the EdgeFrontier name from its middleware product, Augusta Systems renamed its other products EdgeFrontier Appliance (previously SensorPort) and EdgeFrontier Developer Edition (previously SensorBridge).

"Our goal in rebranding our products under the EdgeFrontier name was to ensure that potential partners and clients understood the full extent of our products' capabilities," said Patrick Esposito, President and Chief Executive Officer of Augusta Systems. "Sensors are merely one type of asset, among the numerous devices, systems, and networks, with which our EdgeFrontier products can communicate to support converged, intelligent solutions."

EdgeFrontier products from Augusta Systems support integration and normalization of data, events, and control functions from diverse devices, systems, and networks, regardless of manufacturer or communications protocol, including sensors, wireless sensor networks, RFID systems, video devices and systems, access control systems, metering and measurement devices, actuators, databases, file repositories, and other sources. In addition, the EdgeFrontier product line provides structures for event processing and configuration of event or policy-based actions through a policy engine.

"The success of this product line strategy is illustrated by the fact that the rebranding and relaunching of SensorBridge and SensorPort under the EdgeFrontier product line has generated more interest in areas where interoperability is crucial and in markets that were not addressed before," Sankaranarayanan added. "The opening up of new markets for Augusta Systems is a clear indication of the understanding and receptivity about the company's product line and its capabilities from such new customers."

About Augusta Systems
Augusta Systems Inc. powers the intelligent convergence of devices, systems, and networks. The award-winning Augusta Systems EdgeFrontier products provide configurable technology platforms for building and managing complex monitoring, control, and automation solutions, including applications for safety and security, energy and utility management, asset tracking, building management, and other business functions.

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