Augusta Systems, Microsoft Partner for RFID Platform

BELLEVUE, WA /PRNewswire/ -- Augusta Systems Inc., a provider of intelligent enterprise network technologies, announced a strategic relationship with Microsoft Corp. to support streamlined integration of data from sensors, video cameras, and other edge-of-network devices into Microsoft BizTalk Server RFID—a leading device management and event processing platform at the edge of the enterprise. Augusta Systems announced the relationship at Microsoft's Worldwide RFID Solution Days.

"Through our collaboration with Augusta Systems, BizTalk Server RFID users have access to integration solutions for data from a host of edge devices important to business operations," said Anush Kumar, Senior Product Manager for Microsoft BizTalk RFID. "The result will be rich solutions for BizTalk Server RFID users to advance enterprise security, monitoring, automation, and asset-tracking initiatives."

Sensor solutions from Augusta Systems, integrated into Microsoft BizTalk Server RFID could include, among others:

  • Security Applications. In security applications, software can be the platform to process and correlate event data from RFID-enabled access control systems and motion detection sensors, among other devices, and to position these events as triggers for distribution of data from video cameras.


  • Asset Tracking. In asset tracking applications, simultaneous procurement of data from RFID systems and video cameras may be necessary to achieve total asset visibility.

"With the combined power of BizTalk Server RFID and the Augusta Systems solutions, BizTalk Server RFID users have the tools required to design, develop, and manage rich enterprise solutions involving sensor data for BizTalk Server RFID," said Patrick Esposito, president and chief operating officer of Augusta Systems. "Enterprises that deploy Microsoft BizTalk Server RFID and Augusta Systems technologies can achieve intelligent convergence of data from diverse edge assets into enterprise systems and applications, ease the network and system capacity issues that are often generated by utilization of diverse sensors, and enhance enterprise operational efficiencies through automation of business processes."

About Augusta Systems
Augusta Systems Inc. powers intelligent enterprise networks. Augusta Systems products enable collaboration and communication between enterprise networks and edge assets—sensors, actuators, wireless sensor networks, RFID systems, imagery devices, and other edge-of-network systems and devices—which have existed beyond the reach of these networks. With platforms for building and managing solutions featuring data from edge assets, Augusta Systems provides simplified data integration, processing, correlation, and communication capabilities for Network 2.0-enabled enterprises. Augusta Systems technologies and integration services—including core products SensorBridge, EdgeFrontier, and SensorPort—support security, monitoring, automation, asset tracking, and other enterprise applications. Through key partnerships, Augusta Systems also offers integrated monitoring and control products, including ThreatViewer and GridMonitor. These technologies reduce the total cost of ownership for intelligent enterprise networks and maximize return on investment for enterprise networks and edge assets.