Augusta Systems and Crane WMS Partner

MORGANTOWN, WV /PRNewswire/ -- Augusta Systems Inc., provider of technologies that power the intelligent convergence of devices, systems, and networks, and Crane Wireless Monitoring Solutions (WMS), a Crane Co. business and a leading provider of wireless sensor networks, have partnered to advance remote monitoring solutions for defense and security. Through the agreement, the companies will pursue joint product development opportunities, focused on integrating Augusta Systems software with Crane WMS solutions, as well as resell each company's products.

"With the rise in potential security threats and the need to continuously monitor remote facilities and locations, defense and security professionals are faced with daunting challenges to critical infrastructure protection," said Patrick Esposito, President and Chief Executive Officer of Augusta Systems. "Data integration and policy management software from Augusta Systems, coupled with wireless monitoring products and remote monitoring solutions from Crane WMS, provide a powerful combined solution to overcome these challenges in defense, homeland security, and industrial security applications."

EdgeFrontier products from Augusta Systems support integration and normalization of data, events, and control functions from diverse devices, systems, and networks, regardless of manufacturer or communications protocol, including sensors, wireless sensor networks, RFID systems, video devices and systems, access control systems, metering and measurement devices, actuators, databases, file repositories, and other sources. In addition, EdgeFrontier provides structures for event processing and configuration of event or policy-based actions through a policy engine.

Products from Crane WMS provide end-to-end intelligent monitoring solutions that transform data into business knowledge and provide continuous and real-time information. These products include the VantedgePoint wireless sensor network solution and MicroObserver unattended ground sensor (UGS) solution. Crane's MicroObserver UGS system is a next-generation ground sensor solution that provides situational awareness and force multiplication. With a long mission life, ease of deployment, and very low false alarm rate, the MicroObserver UGS system includes a distributed network of sensors that detect both people and vehicles moving through the system.

Working together, products from Augusta Systems and Crane WMS enable users to develop intelligent, remote monitoring solutions, featuring the convergence of diverse devices and systems, as well as localized event- or policy-based processing. Augusta Systems EdgeFrontier provides enhanced information management capabilities for solutions built upon Crane WMS wireless monitoring products, while also eliminating the need for custom interface development when integrating additional devices and systems into field-level or command center visualization and management solutions.

"The combined capabilities of Crane WMS and Augusta Systems offer new opportunities for advanced, remote monitoring solutions for defense and security," said Charlie Stuewe, Crane WMS Vice President and General Manager. "Our wireless monitoring solutions, combined with their data integration and policy management options, provide the combined power and flexibility that clients need in order to obtain converged, real-time information. This is even more important in today's homeland security and defense applications, where integration of unattended ground sensors with unmanned systems, whether UGVs or UAVs, and convergence of data from those systems, is key to detecting and intercepting threats."

About Crane WMS
Crane Wireless Monitoring Solutions, a Crane Co. business, is a leading provider of wireless sensor networks for industrial, commercial, and government applications. With its wireless sensor products and remote monitoring services, Crane WMS provides a complete, end-to-end intelligent monitoring solution that transforms data into business knowledge and provides continuous and real-time information. With Crane WMS wireless sensor networking solutions and services, organizations can improve efficiencies, reduce costs, improve customer service, and optimize revenues.

About Augusta Systems
Augusta Systems Inc. powers the intelligent convergence of devices, systems, and networks. The award-winning Augusta Systems EdgeFrontier products provide configurable technology platforms for building and managing complex monitoring, control, and automation solutions, including applications for safety and security, energy and utility management, asset tracking, building management, and other business functions.

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