Augusta's SensorPort Merges Sensor Data with Enterprise Networks

MORGANTOWN, WV -- Augusta Systems Inc. announced the release of SensorPort, a reconfigurable sensor network appliance for distributed, intelligent processing at the edge of the network. SensorPort helps enterprises to overcome the challenge of stranded sensor data by extending the enterprise network to the level of sensors and sensor networks.

"Often, sensors and devices are removed from each other and from the IT infrastructure. Enterprises have been unable to extend their IT infrastructure or the IP network to the level of sensors, actuators, sensor networks, and other devices. This has essentially stranded many assets deployed for security, monitoring, automation, and asset tracking, among others," said Patrick Esposito, President and Chief Operating Officer of Augusta Systems.

"SensorPort overcomes this challenge by providing network access to sensors, actuators, and other devices. With SensorPort, enterprises can integrate sensor data into networks, optimize sensors and actuators through distributed processing, and ensure a strong return on investments," Esposito said.

SensorPort is a modular, integrated product comprised of hardware components and embedded software, including the SensorPort Configuration Management System. The SensorPort Configuration Management System provides a remote client interface that allows for rapid device configuration, monitoring, management, and customization to include a litany of sensors, actuators, and other assets.

SensorPort enables easy setup, management, and advanced development of wireless sensor networks, physical/IT security convergence, machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, and network-centric systems. It provides an open, scalable infrastructure platform to optimize the use of sensor and actuator assets within the network.

Enterprises can use SensorPort to:

  • Enable plug-and-play sensor and device connectivity
  • Enable many-to-one connectivity (i.e., data from many sensors and actuators to one SensorPort)
  • Add intelligence to sensor network and control systems through distributed processing
  • Provide real-time monitoring, event detection, and notification capabilities for sensor and control systems
  • Convert non-IP data into IP data, as well as convert IPv4 to IPv6
  • Distribute data as network data files (e.g., text, Excel, XML, and binary) and populate common database tables (e.g., Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Access, and MySQL)
  • Control switches, relays, and other actuators.

SensorPort can be configured for internal network connections and receipt and transmission of data from external networks. It is compatible with service-oriented architecture and IPv6 deployments. The embedded software also supports service downloads, implementation of code produced using Augusta Systems SensorBridge software components, and installation of third-party software applications to further enhance the appliance's capabilities. SensorBridge software components for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 enable rapid integration, intelligent processing, and enterprise utilization of sensor data within an integrated development environment. Together, SensorPort and SensorBridge allow for the development, monitoring, management, and customization of fully extensible control systems and sensor networks.

SensorPort can achieve data capture from sensors (including ZigBee and other protocols), actuators, and system data repositories. Sensor and control system integration and scalability is simplified through the SensorPort Configuration Management System. Leveraging these features, SensorPort supports the utilization of existing enterprise network infrastructure to transmit sensor data to network devices, including servers, workstations, and others, and through routers and switches configured for IPv4 and IPv6. Communications can occur via TCP and UDP communication protocols, as well as function as part of ZigBee, WiFi, and WiMax deployments.

"SensorPort can capture, structure and process, and distribute any sensor data in virtually any format. It's a powerful addition to the network's edge," said Esposito.

Benefits of SensorPort across the various applications include:

  • Enabling integration and use of sensor data and sensor-like devices into new or existing systems and networks
  • Providing sensor data and actuator signals to the enterprise IT infrastructure and IP network in real time to enhance analysis and response
  • Maximizing existing client technology assets and leveraging future investments as an open, scalable platform
  • Adding intelligence to sensor networks and actuator systems through distributed processing
  • Increasing the value of sensor data through distributed processing and network access
  • Reducing the total cost of ownership of sensor and control systems and networks; and
  • Increasing the ROI for sensors, sensor and control systems, and sensor networks.

"With SensorPort, you can integrate diverse sensor data into enterprise networks. You can configure distributed, intelligent systems. SensorPort positions your sensors and actuators within the network, not stranded beyond the network's reach," Esposito said.

SensorPort is available with standard or optional components and a one-year subscription to the SensorPort Configuration Management System Support Service. Bundled packages of SensorPort with SensorBridge are also available. Substantial discounts are available for multi-user and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) purchases. For more information, visit the company's Web site.

About Augusta Systems
Augusta Systems Inc. provides technologies to enable rapid integration, intelligent processing, and enterprise use of sensor data. The products extend enterprise networks to the level of sensors and sensor networks. These technologies enable the most efficient and effective convergence and use of sensor data in numerous applications, including security, monitoring, automation, and asset tracking, among others.

The company's core products are SensorBridge and SensorPort. SensorBridge is a suite of software components for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 that enables rapid integration, intelligent processing, and enterprise use of sensor data within an integrated development environment. SensorPort is a reconfigurable sensor network appliance for distributed, intelligent processing at the edge of the network. Augusta Systems also offers SensorBridge and SensorPort in conjunction with partner technologies to develop advanced end-user sensor and control systems and network products. One such product is ThreatViewer, which provides remote monitoring capabilities for industrial, military, and homeland security.

Augusta Systems technologies enable sensors relying on a variety of protocols and systems, including wireless sensor networks (featuring ZigBee and other protocols), RFID systems, and imagery devices. The technologies support IPv6, physical/IT security convergence, M2M communications, network-centric systems, and more.

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