Augmented Reality Market HMD Devices Patent Analysis and Virtual Reality HMD Industry in China

PUNE, India --- added "Augmented Reality Market: Patent Analysis of Head-Mounted Display Devices" and "Development of the Chinese VR HMD Industry" 2016 published market research reports to its store. Augmented Reality (AR) is a computer-simulated environment connecting virtual objects and reality together that can be interacted with by users via a human-machine interface device. AR technologies have been applied to a broad range of fields, including touring, education, medical technology and entertainment.

This report provides an overview of the AR HMD (Head Mounted Display) devices and examines the major assignee's patent portfolios in terms of nationality, sector, and technology field. Topics Covered: Overview of mainstream AR technologies, including video see-through head mounted displays and optical see-through head mounted displays; Patent mining procedure and data analysis-including patent distribution by country, by sector, and by field-of the 933 AR-related patents identified by the use of data mining technique; Key technology fields identified by the text mining, including an analysis of a key patent-LCOS optical projective AR HMD.

Companies covered are CastAR, Google, Laster, Meta, Microsoft, Osterhout Group, Seiko Epson, Sony, Vuzix

Complete reports Augmented Reality: Patent Analysis of Head-Mounted Display Devices is of 15 pages, supported with a table and 6 figures and analysis 11 companies is available at  

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