Audio Processor Shakes Up Complex Voice Interactions

The IA8508 advanced audio processor is optimized for performance and power in both near and far-field voice applications. Noted as the first context-aware, machine-learning optimized audio processor for complex voice interactions, the device is viable for mobile phones, ear-worn products, and IoT devices such as digital assistants, smart speakers, and TVs. An open DSP platform, the IA8508 has four heterogeneous cores and 5.7 MB of shared memory for a variety of new use cases.


The platform addresses the performance limitations of today's most popular voice-enabled devices by improving recognition especially in far-field and high noise environments, enabling context awareness, and increasing local processing capability. Designers are now able to move audio processing to the edge of the network – embedding intelligence into the device where it is closer to the user and the environment.


Another attribute, the IA8508 is designed for Machine Learning (ML) through Deep Neural Network (DNN) hardware acceleration, optimized architecture and proprietary instruction set. As a result, the processor can reportedly perform specific machine learning tasks 10 times more efficiently than the comparable devices. In addition, the IA8508 leverages light weight floating point operations, enabling ease of programmability, high dynamic range and low power comparable to fixed point operations. More information for the IA8508 is available by contacting the Knowles Corp., Itasca, IL. 630-250-5100 or [email protected]