BEAVERTON, OR -- Audio Precision announces support for audio performance testing of Dante-enabled devices with APx500 Series analyzers and software. This latest capability aids engineers in verifying the audio performance of their designs as they integrate Dante and strive to meet the growing demand for networked pro audio components, products and systems.

Audio Networking

Dante, the digital media networking solution created by Audinate, is one of the fastest growing protocols in the rapidly emerging realm of Ethernet-based, high-quality audio transport. Dante is an uncompressed, multi-channel technology that provides near-zero latency and synchronization for digital media networks ranging from live sound and recording studios to public address and broadcast. Additionally, the technology enables the replacement of traditional analog or multicore cabling with low-cost, lightweight Cat5e, Cat6 or fiber-optic cables.

Testing Dante-enabled Systems

Dante-enabled devices present some unique testing challenges. Many of these products also contain traditional analog and/or digital audio interfaces, as well as ADCs, DACs, or powered loudspeakers which need to be tested through their Dante interface. With either Dante Virtual Soundcard or Focusrite’s RedNet PCIe Dante soundcard installed in the APx host PC, engineers can use APx’s ASIO client interface and analog or digital I/O to stream test signals to the DUT (device under test) and measure its response. The converse is equally applicable, with the stimulus applied to the DUT’s audio inputs and the analyzer measuring the response contained within a stream supplied by the Dante interface.

Additionally, the APx500 series analyzers support multichannel testing of Dante-enabled products, with the ability to measure as many as 16 analog channels simultaneously in the APx586. With AP’s latest software release, v4.1, digital error rate test capability is also available.

“The rapid growth of audio networking is a direct reflection of the great value it provides to a variety of professional audio applications,” said Dave Schmoldt, Audio Precision CEO. “We’re excited to help design engineers as they strive to develop and introduce Dante-enabled, high-quality audio products.”

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