Audio Precision and LnK Partner for SoundWire Audio Test

BEAVERTON, OR --- Audio Precision announces its collaboration with LnK to address the SoundWire audio test needs of MIPI Alliance member companies. Combining an APx Series audio analyzer with LnK’s protocol analyzer creates a closed-loop measurement system for the real-time evaluation of chipset and mobile product designs incorporating MIPI’s SoundWire interface.

MIPI SoundWire

Developed to address the limitations—such as power, pin count, ease-of-integration, scalability—of legacy interface designs, MIPI SoundWire reflects the efforts of more than 25 MIPI Alliance members and offers both complementary and unique features as an alternative to MIPI SLIMbus® for the integration of audio devices in mobile, or mobile-inspired, systems. SoundWire can be implemented in small, very cost-sensitive audio peripherals such as amplifiers and microphones and offers features that include double data rate; low complexity, power and latency; PCM and PDM formats; and multichannel data.

Closed-Loop SoundWire Audio Test

The pairing of an APx Series audio analyzer and LnK protocol analyzer eliminates the need for device designers to develop their own SoundWire Master IP in order to conduct audio testing. More importantly, it offers additional, real-time test capabilities, including the measurement of propagation delay, acoustic response and other transient behaviors. Audio Precision and LnK will demonstrate SoundWire audio testing at this week’s MIPI Development Conference (booth #8) in Mountain View, California, USA.

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