Audio Indicators Command Attention

Transducers USA expands its TRIP Series, a family of audio indicators with internal drive circuits plus a group of audio indicators for panel mount. TRIP Series indicators can be used wherever a noise alert is required, such as for start and stop conditions or an alert notifying a problem has occurred. The series includes several families of indicators including an internal drive circuit family, a panel-mount family, and a group of specialty indicators.


Indicators with internal drive circuits emit a continuous tone (beep) for a high-pitched alarm at 2.7 to 4 kHz. Fast and slow pulsing options are also available. They are designed for PC mounting (through-hole) or for screw-hole installation and are available with wire leads or PC pins.


The panel-mount indicators are used in ac/dc applications and are larger, rugged and louder. Designed to be hard wired to the panel, three t tone options are available: continuous, fast pulsing, and slow pulsing, or any combination. Typical operating voltage is 24 Vdc, although the products range from 6 to 28 Vdc or up to 250 Vac.


Additionally, several specialty audio indicators are available. For example, the TRIP-2612F is for standard use in automobiles and other vehicles, such as golf carts, and features a continuous tone. Also, the TRIP-1500L contains a siren for applications requiring a loud alarm; options include single- or multi-tone. For more info, call Transducers USA, Elk Grove Village, IL.


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