Audi and Autotalks completes integration of V2X applications on small form factor roof antenna

KFAR NETTER, Israel -- Leading premium car brand, Audi AG, has completed development of integrated V2X roof antenna. The series-production ready smart antenna contains an entire V2X solution, including radio and modem, GNSS antenna and receiver, V2X protocol stack and security, vehicle connectivity and V2X application matching Car-to-Car Communication Consortium (C2C-CC) Day-1 profile. Antenna development was done jointly by Kathrein Automotive GmbH and Autotalks Ltd., who designed the antenna PCB.

The smart antenna is a product of a long collaboration between Audi's and Autotalks' teams. The close cooperation between the teams proved to be a key factor in the success of the development and integration.

Extensive tests were performed and the solution successfully achieved the stability and reliability targets. The antenna was tested under heavy network load, while signatures of all packets were verified, demonstrating best-of-breed security performance. V2X stack and application processing capacity exceeded the requirements.

The high integration level of Autotalks chipset, CRATON (ATK4100) V2X Communication Processor and PLUTON (ATK3100) V2X RF Transceiver, was instrumental to the integration of the required functionality inside the small form factor roof antenna without the necessity of adding an external CPU.

Mr. Peter Schuberth, Head of Development Embedded Software of Audi Electronics Venture GmbH explains: "Audi developed a complete set of V2X applications, providing reliable indications to the driver. Autotalks software team accepted the challenge of integrating the V2X applications with the V2X protocol stack, security and positioning on the advanced Autotalks chipset. The use of a standard software allows exchange of information with other ECUs inside the vehicle. Finally, a common continuous integration platform, co-developed by Audi and Autotalks, assured high quality software throughout the project."

Mr. Aurel Papp, Head of Development EMC / Antenna Components of Audi AG explains: "The smart antenna completion represents a significant milestone in V2X technology readiness, and another successful achievement generated from the long-standing cooperation between Audi and Autotalks."

Mr. Nir Sasson, Co-Founder and CEO of Autotalks says: "Autotalks mature V2X technology provides automotive manufacturers a platform for implementing their safety and mobility vision. The reliable V2X infrastructure accelerates the development and integration while minimizing cost and risk."

Mr. Sasson continues: "Uncompromised wholistic security solution, production grade software and high communication range, prove again to be perceived by top automotive manufacturers as necessary ingredients for a complete high quality V2X solution."

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