Atmel and Fingerprint Cards Enter Strategic Partnership for Biometric Fingerprint and Touchscreen Solutions

SAN JOSE, CA and GOTHENBURG, Sweden -- Atmel Corporation and Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) announce that the two companies are jointly bringing the world's best capacitive touchscreens and touch fingerprint area sensor technology to smart devices.

There are many synergies between fingerprint and touchscreens and the two companies see strong opportunities to co-develop and merge their solutions to provide intelligent user interfaces. In this collaboration, Atmel and FPC bring Atmel's award-winning maXTouch® technologies and market-leading FPC family of fingerprint sensors into an enhanced, cohesive solution for a secure and flawless user experience.

As mobile devices become an integral part of the digital lifestyle and grow to encompass everything from mobile banking to household security, emails to remote database access and more, consumers are demanding ever-more sophisticated features from a flawless touchscreen user interface to robust and convenient security options such as fingerprint-based user verification. The joint solution accelerates an OEM's time-to-market by bringing must-have high-performance security and user interface solutions from two leading providers.

"Biometric fingerprint security is the next leap towards a more differentiated touchscreen device in the era of the Internet of Things where more secure, smart and connected devices are powering the world," said Stan Swearingen, Sr. Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Atmel Corporation. "Atmel has a long history in the security space, and when this expertise combines our market-leading maXTouch technologies with FPC's secure biometric fingerprint sensing technology, we are able to bring a more secure, efficient touchscreen that delivers a unique user experience. We are looking forward to taking advantage of FPC's fingerprint sensor technology in bringing a highly compelling joint proposition to device OEMs."

"In order to bring more security to mobile devices, device manufacturers are adopting fingerprint sensing technologies to offer consumers an improved user experience," said Jorgen Lantto, acting President and CEO, FPC. "We are collaborating with Atmel, a global touchscreen leader to ensure our technologies are built around world-class user interfaces to give consumers an enhanced experience every time. FPC is thrilled to team up with Atmel to bring a unified solution of biometric fingerprint sensing and touchscreens using Atmel's widely adopted maXTouch controllers."

Atmel maXTouch Controllers

The revolutionary maXTouch controllers represent Atmel's industry-leading capacitive touchscreen controllers for the mobile market. These well-adopted controllers feature a range of user interface technologies—from active stylus to hover—with cutting-edge performance to create a best-in-breed platform for consumers.

FPC's Fingerprint Sensing Technology

FPC's touch fingerprint sensors and swipe fingerprint sensor are based on patented proprietary technology, which offers several strong advantages such as an acknowledged high image quality, programmable pixel elements and 256 gray scale values from every pixel element. Thanks to the image quality of the sensors and the performance of FPC's algorithms, FPC's fingerprint sensors offers industry leading biometric performance while maintaining the markets' lowest power consumption.

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