Atalum Releases ZigBee Commissioning Tool

MADRID, Spain/PRNewswire/ -- Atalum Wireless S.A., a leader in developing software to deploy and manage ZigBee networks, announced the market launch of GREENtool, the first commissioning tool for ZigBee networks.

GREENtool is a Windows application with the complete feature set necessary for commissioning ZigBee networks. Users can perform network scans, select networks, register devices, recover device information as well as define relationships (e.g. close curtains, dim lights if entertainment system turns on). GREENtool also saves the commissioned network settings in exportable .xml format.

The GREENtool package includes Atalum's GREENmesh 3rd party extensions. A device can be enabled with gateway-like functionality for use between GREENtool and ZigBee networks as well as 'announcement' functionality providing on-site verification of the device's identity.

"We are consistently first to deliver on what the market needs to commission, manage and maintain ZigBee networks," said Sandra L. Wear, CEO & President, Atalum. "GREENtool supplies anyone who needs to commission a ZigBee network with the simple and cost-effective means to do."

GREENtool licenses as well as 30-day trial versions are available on-line. GREENtool retails for $299 US. A special time limited offer of $249 US plus GREENtool Platinum Club membership is available while supplies last. Members will obtain early access to future releases, special discounts and all GREENtool 2007 releases at no extra cost. Additional information can be found on the corporate Web site or via email [email protected].

GREENtool currently supports the Ember (EM2420), Jennic (JN5121) and Texas Instruments (CC2420) platforms.

About Atalum Wireless S.A.
Atalum is a leader in developing software to deploy and manage ZigBee networks with its GREENsuite product family. Atalum develops the tools to easily commission, run and maintain ZigBee networks so that companies can cost-effectively monitor and control their wireless sensor network infrastructure. Atalum also accelerates the time-to-market of ZigBee products for ICs and their OEM clients by assisting in the design and development of the required applications. Atalum is a venture-backed company based in Madrid, Spain.

CONTACT: Sandra L. Wear of Atalum Wireless S.A., +34-91-319-35-70, ext. 710, or [email protected], or skype id: sly_sandra.

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