Atalum Releases ZigBee Commissioning, Maintenance Tool

MADRID, Spain, /PRNewswire/ -- Atalum Wireless S.A., a leader in developing software to deploy and manage ZigBee networks, announced the market launch of GREENtool 1.5 that supplies installers and integrators with a single cost-effective tool to both commission and maintain ZigBee networks. GREENtool 1.5 adds performance analysis and maintenance capability to GREENtool 1.0's commissioning functionality.

GREENtool 1.5 allows users to define acceptable performance levels and shows network trouble spots on-screen. A record of all network activity is kept to analyze as needed. On-site trouble-shooting is supported by enabling dynamic changes be made to the network configuration (e.g. add or remove devices) to localize problems.

GREENtool 1.5 also offers multiple views based on routing, connection quality or even topology. Users continue to benefit from a complete commissioning feature set that satisfies the need for "commissioning by exception", whereby most functions are automated and only exceptions require user interaction. Device and network information is obtained automatically (manufacturer, address, topology, redundant routes, number of hops, etc.) and commissioned network settings saved in exportable .xml format.

"Installers and integrators are provided with the flexibility of not only commissioning ZigBee networks but also maintaining them with a single tool," said Sandra L. Wear, CEO & President, Atalum. "We continue to pave the way in providing the market with what is required to deploy, grow and maintain their ZigBee networks in an easy and cost-effective way."

GREENtool licenses as well as 30-day trial versions are available on-line. GREENtool retails for $299 US. Additional information can be found on the corporate Web site or by emailing [email protected].

About Atalum Wireless S.A.
Atalum is a leader in developing software to deploy and manage ZigBee networks with its GREENsuite product family. Atalum develops the tools to easily commission, run and maintain ZigBee networks so that companies can cost-effectively monitor and control their wireless sensor network infrastructure. Atalum also accelerates the time-to-market of ZigBee products for ICs and their OEM clients by assisting in the design and development of the required applications. Atalum is a venture-backed company based in Madrid, Spain.