Atalum First to Offer Commissioning Tool for ZigBee Networks

MADRID, Spain, /PRNewswire/ -- Atalum Wireless S.A., a leader in developing software to deploy and manage ZigBee networks, has announced GREENtool, which it calls "the first commissioning tool for configuring and deploying ZigBee networks." With it, installers and integrators can get ZigBee networks up and running without requiring any special expertise, the company says.

GREENtool first registers devices and confirms the correct device is being configured. The required device information is automatically obtained (manufacturer, type, power level, etc.) and users can then define relationships between devices. For example, setting that if someone walks into a room a light turns on or that when an entertainment system is turned on the curtains close, lighting dims and sound switches to theatre-mode.

GREENtool stores all of the information configured during commissioning and allows synch-up with GREENoperator, Atalum's network management system. Network operators can access the commissioned network information remotely and without on-site visits.

"GREENtool is the means to commission ZigBee networks in a cost-effective way," says Sandra L. Wear, CEO & President, Atalum. "We deliver on the market's need for commissioning, managing and maintaining ZigBee networks without the added expense of requiring ZigBee know-how."

Currently GREENtool supports the Ember, Jennic and Texas Instruments platforms. Future plans include enabling other hardware platforms with the means to get GREENtool ready so that all ZigBee networks can be commissioned with the same tool.

GREENtool will be released in January 2007. Licenses for purchase as well as 30-day trial versions will be available on-line. Additional information can be found on the corporate website or by emailing [email protected].

About Atalum Wireless S.A.
Atalum is a leader in developing software to deploy and manage ZigBee networks with its GREENsuite product family. Atalum develops the tools to easily commission, run and maintain ZigBee networks so that companies can cost-effectively monitor and control their wireless sensor network infrastructure. Atalum also accelerates the time-to-market of ZigBee products for ICs and their OEM clients by assisting in the design and development of the required applications. Atalum is a venture-backed company based in Madrid, Spain.

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