AT&T Announces Remote Monitoring Service for Small Businesses

SAN ANTONIO /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Any small business owner will tell you that their business requires around-the-clock attention. To help small business owners easily and affordably keep tabs on their places of businesses, AT&T Inc. announced the introduction of AT&T Remote Monitor service.

AT&T Remote Monitor combines Internet Protocol (IP) video cameras and a range of environmental sensor options to provide small business owners with a powerful, flexible tool kit to help them stay connected to their business locations. Owners can stay connected to offices, warehouses, and retail stores through JAVA-enabled wireless devices from AT&T or computers with a broadband connection.

Small business owners can easily customize alerts and actions based on their specific needs. For example, they can program the service to send text message alerts to their wireless device from AT&T when motion is detected while it automatically turns on lights and records video of the same area.

Temperature sensors can monitor temperature changes in areas such as walk-in refrigerators, IT server closets, or storerooms. Other sensors are available to detect movement of doors and windows, and water levels are monitored so that business owners can be notified of flooding or leaks.

AT&T Remote Monitor is an example of the company's continuing commitment to innovation and its strategy for delivering converged, IP-based services that enable small businesses to access content, critical applications, and information when and where they need it.

"The need to stay on top of everything that happens in your business is important to small business owners," said John Regan, Vice President of Business Marketing for AT&T. "AT&T Remote Monitor offers them peace of mind with a simple and affordable solution that will give business owners freedom while it offers them the assurance that their businesses are operating efficiently."

The service is accessed via a secure login from the AT&T Remote Monitor portal.

Pricing for the basic Remote Monitor starter kit begins at $199, with a one-year term of service. Monthly service charges begin at $9.95 for a single location, with optional plans to support up to five different locations. The following are included in AT&T Remote Monitor starter kits:

  • IP camera or cameras
  • Controller
  • Power line connector units to enable device connectivity
  • A door or window sensor to detect movement
  • Vertical mounting brackets

The AT&T Remote Monitor service can be easily scaled and upgraded to meet more sophisticated needs of small business owners, including the ability to monitor multiple sites from a single account. Additional cameras, sensors, and enhanced service packages that include remote-controlled pan/tilt cameras are available online.

In addition, digital video recording (DVR) capabilities for AT&T Remote Monitor are available to small business customers. The DVR includes a 250 GB hard drive, which supports looped recording of up to four MPEG4 cameras for 30 days (24/7). Users can simultaneously view full-motion live or recorded video, play ahead, rewind, and navigate archived video. Archived clips can be downloaded to DVD or to PCs.

"Small businesses require around-the-clock maintenance and, as a result, demand simultaneous attention to many parts of the operation," said Beaux Roby, President of 1776 Ltd., a San Antonio-based company that, along with its main office, owns and operates five Mama's Cafe restaurants and two banquet facilities throughout Texas. "Small business owners need as many helpful tools as they can get. AT&T Remote Monitor allows our managers to see exactly what is going on in our facilities. The system is easy to install and provides a feature-rich portal that allows us to keep in touch with those things that matter most."

The AT&T Remote Monitor service is available now nationwide. For more information or to order the service, interested small business owners can call toll-free 1-866-571-8021.

For general resources targeted at small and medium-size businesses or for more information about specific AT&T solutions for these businesses, please visit the AT&T OnwardSmallBiz portal.

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